Since 1979 Barbara Como has reported thousands of depositions, spanning from short one-hour depositions to 35 days for one witness.  These depositions  run the gamut of personal injury and family law to extremely large complex business litigation with a special emphasis on expert testimony in medical malpractice, the s20140828_barbara hands3_dpi240ciences, accounting malpractice, to name a few. She has vast experience working in various courts throughout California — state courts, federal courts and bankruptcy courts.  She has extensive experience working for the state in administrative proceedings of all kinds, including many state agencies and school districts throughout northern California.

With her past experience as a reporter in court she is well-equipped to report and manage arbitrations.  Some of those arbitrations have lasted for many months.  One particular arbitration took four days a week for ten months, and required the management of 1.5 million documents.  The arbitrator oftentimes referred to her as his clerk.

Concentrating on depositions and arbitrations, Barbara Como and her network of reporters will help  manage all aspects of discovery with the most up-to-date litigation support which will take you from your first deposition through the trial.